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Asphalt Crack Sealing Repair, Virginia

Cracks in Your Parking Lot? Act Now to Prevent Expensive Repairs.

Parking LotSeasonal changes in ground temperature cause pavements to expand and contract. As a result, cracks and joints in parking lots can spread and multiply, requiring swift attention to keep from getting worse.

Extend the life of your pavement surface and routine sealcoating service by having cracks professionally treated with hot applied asphalt rubber filler which binds to the walls of cracks and joints, allowing for this unavoidable movement without further visible damage to the lot.

Repair the cracks in your asphalt parking lot now
to prevent the need for more costly repairs later.

Left untreated, cracks will undoubtedly become worse- allowing vegetation to grow through. Moisture from rain and snow will infiltrate the base and subbase of your pavement, rapidly deteriorating the appearance and eventually leaving you with no choice short of repaving, costing you thousands.

Give us a call today. Our specially trained, professional team will pretreat cracks- thoroughly removing all moisture, vegetation and debris to allow for a complete bond. Then our commercial grade crack filler is specially applied using a state of the art, professional machine. Simply put, this service is the best maintenance prevention treatment money can buy for the life of your parking lot.

Property Managers & Owners

As you develop your plans regarding the facilities under your management, please contact us to schedule a free estimate or to submit a competitive bid on any crack sealing, seal coating and striping work your property requires.

We care about the maintenance of your property, and our well-trained and well-supervised staff provides excellent service using high quality products at very competitive rates.

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