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Asphalt Seal Coating, Virginia

Save Your Business Real Money by
Seal Coating Your Asphalt

Seal coating is the heart of our comprehensive asphalt maintenance plan. Our professionals apply our high quality, commercial-grade sealer according to manufacturer specifications using specialized equipment. This offers many benefits and greatly contributes to the return on your asphalt investment.

Benefits of Seal Coating

Seal coating your asphalt:

Seal coating pavement following proper installation
as part of a detailed maintenance plan

can extend the life of your parking lot by 10 – 15 years.

Seal coating

Asphalt pavements are hardened and dried out by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, leading to the acceleration of erosion and raveling. This process can reduce the thickness of your asphalt over the span of just a few short years, but is slowed dramatically with seal coating and regular maintenance.

Especially when combined with crack repair, seal coating prevents damage from water infiltration, gas, oil seepage, and road chemicals such as alkalis and winter salts that can damage asphalt over time.

Property Managers & Owners

As you develop your plans regarding the facilities under your management, please contact us to schedule a free estimate or to submit a competitive bid on sealcoating and striping work your property requires.

We care about the maintenance of your property, and our well-trained and well-supervised staff provides excellent service using high quality products at very competitive rates.

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